02 maio, 2012

Goa Inquisition: Distortions by a Hindu fundamentalist Website denounced

This Christianaggression website, seemingly a Hindu fundamentalist  outfit, has placed an article attributed to me as its author. Much of it is cock-and-bull story fabricated to suit communal agenda, filled with misspellings of historical names and biased adjectives to describe their actions. 
It is at the following link since 2005 and has not been removed despite my e-mails to the website owners denouncing the abuse. There has been no acknowledgement either of e-mails sent. It seems to be yet one more instance of identity theft and cyber-crime.

from here it is copied by others including 

which has been used as source in the article on Goa Inquisition by Wikipedia at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goa_Inquisition  Grave misuse of Wikipedia this way only brings it increasingly into disrepute. I have requested the concerned Wikipedia administrator to look into the matter and rectify it.

Discussion on this abusive utilization  with communal agenda was denounced on the Goanet with the participation of  this historian.  It may be consulted in the Goanet mail archive for 2008:
T. R. de Souza

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